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What We Do!
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If you need help to manage your finances click the following:
for details of Citizens Advice OR Frontline Debt & Benefit Advice 
OR if you are at risk of losing your home The Hope Hub.
Surrey County Council have also prepared a very useful document
with info for anyone in Surrey Heath on other support. 
Please click here to download that
or visit Surrey County's Health and Welfare support pages

If you are in need of food support please contact any of the organisations
listed on our About Us page

If you want to get involved in other ways click the button below:

Mission & Vision


To grow an authentic, prayerful and worshipping networked community of faith-filled believers. We walk side-by-side with you, on your journey with the Jesus we see in the Gospels, to pray, love, give and go to those in need.  By bridging the gap toward those in need, we connect and then immerse you in opportunities that enable ordinary, practical, generous actions to demonstrate God's miraculous provision, bring hope, reveal and transform faith.


"Unlocking God's purpose in you through meeting the needs
of others".

Besom's primary focus is tailored towards enabling followers of Jesus to effectively serve those in need. Throughout the Bible, the Lord’s standard of righteousness for His people is directly linked to their relationships with the poorest amongst them. This is because He is full of compassion for the poor. When we bless the needy and marginalised with ourselves and what we have been given by Him to steward, we identify with the Lord and with His character, and He calls us friends. This is demonstrated from the start to the end of Biblical scripture.


The vision of the Besom ever since its foundation has been to be the bridge by which we as followers of Jesus are equipped and enthused to give what we have to those around us who are in need, especially those in poverty and so to grow in the same compassion that God has for the world.

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Why do we do this?

We have a passion to see every Christian having an intentional involvement with those living on the margins of society because as we look at the gospels that is what we see Jesus doing.


"I tell you the truth. Whatever you did for one of the least brothers of mine, you did for me."
Matthew 25:40

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